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15 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Your wedding photographer's personality is as crucial as their skill. Meet them to make sure you are on the same page and to learn what pictures they will take. Discuss any limitations your venue, temple, We have answered many questions in the FAQ section on our website. Here are some additional questions you may have for your photographer. Ask the right questions. Do check our FAQs page to check some questions we get asked frequently.

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Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

It's very important to be on the same page so that there are no problems on the day of the wedding and things go just as planned and in a smooth fashion.

At Bharat Mudgal Weddings, we want to build a strong friendship and bond with the families involved. The key to this is absolute transparency till the last photo is delivered.

Some questions to ask.

Are you going to be the lead photographer at my wedding.

This is an important information, which is mostly not discussed. We have rarely been asked this question. However, we do make it very clear in the contract that we mention if the lead photographer will be shooting or if the extended team will be shooting. The team varies depending on the package you choose.

How long have you worked as a wedding photographer professionally? Can I view some of your work?

What Photography packages do you provide? What do they include?

Do you include albums in your pricing?

If I wish to order more albums in the future, what will the reorder cost be?

What type of photography do you specialise in? (candid, portraits, photojournalistic, black and white or a combination?)

Do you shoot digitally?

Have you ever taken pictures at my wedding or reception venue? Do you know how it is lit and laid out there?

How many other weddings do you have on that day? Do you have any restrictions on how long you can stay?

When will I receive my pictures/videos? How will the pictures be delivered?

What happens if you get sick or have an urgent situation on the day of my wedding?

Can you ensure that a backup camera will be available in the event that the equipment malfunctions?

How early should I make a reservation for your services?

How do you handle cancellations?

Are deposits necessary? If so, by when and how much?


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