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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding images provide you lasting memories of your special day. This makes selecting the ideal wedding photographer a crucial step in your wedding planning.

I will try to help you and break it down to make the decision easier.

Budget - This is the trickiest part. You may have questions like - What should the ideal budget be? Am I going overboard or am I spending too little? You may know someone who has had a grand wedding and spent an exorbitant amount on the photographer. You may also know someone who spend a few thousands because they dont see value in wedding pictures. Consider carefully and don't miss the chance to spend a little extra to create memories for life.

Style: When it comes to modern wedding photography, there are several options today.

There is traditional photography where the photographer shoots to record everything as is, without adding any creativity. This is something that parents and grandparents want - a record of all the rituals and all the guests who attended the wedding. Then there is the famous candid photographer (further decided into a fine-art photographer, wedding journalist, and lifestyle wedding photographer) who adds a lot of creativity and brings out emotions and love. All the styles have their merits. Find a style that is going to enhance your experience of looking at your wedding pictures for years to come and tell a tale that resonates with the memory in your head. Beyond all this comes the photographer's personality.

Personality: The experience of your wedding day will be highly affected by the photographer's personality. The right fit can let you enjoy the best day of your life, which inevitably results in photos of you smiling through your best day yet! To make sure your photographer meets all of your requirements and feels like a good fit, I always advise a phone conversation, video chat, or in-person meeting. The way your photographer interacts with your guests in a way suggest your choice of people, too. We have heard from couples who have had photographers behaving rudely with their guests. We, at Bharat Mudgal Weddings, become best friends with the couple during the wedding and stay like that for years after that. When you are friends with your wedding photographer, you can laugh out loud, cry happy tears, and argue with your parents and siblings about some detail without worrying about what your friend would think. We feel their emotions like we are family. We treat the guests as if it's a wedding in our own family. All this results in pictures that reflect your true emotions that day. A story, as we call it.

Where to find your wedding photographer: Don't limit the search to your city or state, or even your country. If you like someone's work or personality, reach out to them no matter where they are. We, at Bharat Mudgal Weddings, do not charge extra to shoot in any city no matter the distance. We have shot almost all over India. Our wedding packages remain the same other than the travel/accommodation charges. Keep in mind, that the top listing on most of the search engines or wedding planning databases are paid promotions.

You may get a glimpse of a photographer's work and what's important to them by visiting their website and social media accounts because it displays their brand and style. You can save the tab if their website seems like a good fit for you and close it if not.

Give personalised information: Don't hesitate in giving information about your budget or wedding requirements. In the early conversation, many couples do not give adequate details. As wedding photographers, we get several emails with little information. Do not hesitate in showing your excitement about your own wedding photography, Don't make it just another email in his inbox. It may not be well known, but many wedding photographers look for the right client and take up only a pre-decided number of weddings every year.

If you have budget constraints, let the photographer know and let him suggest what can be done about it.

At Bharat Mudgal Weddings, we create customised packages over our base packages. We can suggest what kind of photography can be assigned for a particular event to bring the cost down. Traditional photography costs less than candid/creative photography. When it comes to out-station weddings, we can bring out our own traditional photography team, however, we can also suggest teams based in your city to bring down the travel/accommodation cost. We are well-connected to a large network of photographers all over India.

So go through our website, if our style resonates with you, do get in touch with details about your wedding photography requirement.

Got more questions! Ask away!

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